The New York Times - Cooking Subscription & Recipe Guides

(Art Director and Stylist)

NBC - "Get Out of My Room!" Home Renovation TV Show

(Art Director, Project Manager and Stylist)

Short Film - Jon Fusco's "The Guy"

(Production Designer // Art Director)


Ernst & Young x VICE

(Art Director, and Stylist)

Nature Made Adult Gummies

(Props Master and Stylist)

VICE x How to Behave Titles / Interstitials VHS Shrines

(Art Director and Stylist)

Youtube x .MIC – Living Room Sets 1980, 1990, 2000

(Art Director)

Big Thief – Mythological Beauty Music Video

(Director, Art Director, and Stylist)

Post Apocalyptic Dance Video 

(Director, Art Director, and Stylist)

smoke and light
color study
bronze prop
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